New Year’s Inspiration!


Every new year brings what feels like a fresh start, an opportunity, a chance to do that “thing” that we have been thinking about for quite some time.  As my 17 year old son says to me, “You do you”  and “I’m gonna do me”.  My interpretation is that we should focus on what works for us and not be concerned with what everyone else is doing.  I like how that sounds and feels.

I love the quote  “A year from now I will wish I had started today.”  It reminds me that there is no other time like the present and there won’t be a better time than now.

Things I want to start now:

  • Seeing the launch of the philanthropic/charitable organization that I created the possibility for in 2013 – Dentistry for Humanity.
  • Following through with the training and implementing the use of Botox in my dental practice. (Migraines, TMJ, Facial pain)
  • Yoga/pilates/stretching  – good things for soon to be 50 year old body.

What things do you want to start now?

If any of those “things” revolve around your dental health, like getting your teeth straightened, whitened, or finally getting that missing tooth replaced, or getting those old silver fillings out… we are here to help.

Year after year we help our patients achieve dental health, create new smiles, restore old ones and give back the ability to chew food with confidence!!

Let us know if we can help you in 2014!!

new years quote

Leslie Strommer, DDS