Why our teeth will be more valuable than gold when we’re old…..





Turning 50 this year has really made me look into my life to see what really matters.  What I have observed with myself and my friends is that our generation feels very young at heart and we refuse to get old without a fight!!  We don’t want be the 50 year olds that our parents were and  we won’t let a number (5-0) slow us down!

What has become very clear is what I have done with my body and my health up to this point and what I choose to do going forward will greatly impact my health, my joy and my quality of life in my later years.  (Hence the daily stretching, walking….)

So the topic of this post… why will our teeth will be more valuable than gold when we’re old?  What some people don’t realize is that the natural, healthy, disease free teeth that you were born with are irreplaceable!!  Yes, we can fix cavities, fix broken teeth, stabilize gum disease, place dental implants and make dentures, but the teeth will never be as healthy as they were before the repair was needed.

My experience with the senior citizens in my practice and shared stories of their parents, is that having healthy teeth heading in to our golden years is invaluable!  The ability to eat without discomfort and chew properly are key to our nourishment and well being.  My message is to encourage your children, your parents, your spouse and your loved ones to take care of their teeth and seek out a great dental professional to help you.   Don’t take your teeth for granted and if you were lucky enough to be born with good teeth, visit your dentist to make sure they stay that way!!  Changes in a person’s health, new medications, systemic conditions can have a big impact on what was once a healthy mouth.

Make sure to make an investment in your oral health now…. it will be worth it’s weight in gold later!!!


Leslie Strommer, DDS

New Image Dental

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