A New Chapter Begins…




This has been my THEME as we head towards the end of summer.  By the end of August, Scott and I will join “Club Empty Nesters” as we send our oldest back to college and deliver our youngest to Gonzaga University for his freshman year.  This “New Chapter” brings up a lot of emotions: excitement, sadness, fear, and joy all at the same time and I wonder how I can experience those emotions all at once!  This is a monumental time in a parent’s life… when we have done all that we can (or at least gave it our very best) and we send our kids off into the world and pray that we have given them enough love and guidance to keep them moving forward… no matter what life brings their way.

As I begin to write my “New Chapter”, so many ideas and thoughts start to flood the pages.  “What will I focus on at New Image Dental? Will I work more?  Will I learn to ballroom dance?  Will I be able to cook for just 2? Will I get my vision of Dentistry for Humanity off the ground?  How will I manage all these opportunities?  How will I manage my new found free time? Will my children miss me and call me?”

What I do know is that this next chapter will be fulfilling and I will embrace this time in my life because just like when we became new parents and brought beautiful sweet children into the world… life was full of possibility.  This next chapter is the same…. full of possibility.  Whatever I choose to focus on, learn, grow and do has the potential to be as wonderful as it has been raising two amazing young men.

Life brings change… sometimes it is welcome and sometimes we are not ready, but it is happens nonetheless.

My question to you is….  what possibility do you see for your “New Chapter”?

Share your thoughts with someone you love!!

Pura Vida!!

new-beginnings IMG_2558 IMG_2550

Leslie Strommer, DDS

New Image Dental

7510 Hazard Center Drive, SD, CA 92108


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