The Truth About Tooth Decay and Cavities… It may NOT be your fault, well not entirely.


You may be one of the lucky few who show up in our office year after year without a cavity!!  That certainly was not in my genetic code… the “good teeth gene”.  I was the one who went to the dentist every year, and every time I went in, I needed dental work and fillings!  Ugh!  Why did this happen to me and not my brother who didn’t brush or floss any better than I did?  

The truth is… not all teeth are created equal.  Whether or not you get a cavity is dependent on a number of factors and yes, what you eat and how well you clean your teeth plays a big part… but that is not entirely the whole story.   What actually creates the perfect environment for decay to take hold is a low pH environment that leads to mineral loss in the teeth.  This low pH environment over time is bad news for our teeth.  Our saliva is designed to remineralize our teeth, but only IF the pH environment is more alkaline (> 5.5).  Conclusion… low pH is BAD for our teeth!

So what does this mean??  The good news is that it is possible to create an oral environment that doesn’t allow the formation of new cavities!  By treating active decay along with home care products that can increase the pH of the mouth, we can create a decay free oral environment.   This is a game changer for people like myself who was certainly disappointed every time I went to the dentist.  At New Image Dental, we regularly rehabilitate cavity prone mouths.   We have many clients who thought that cavities were synonymous with dental visits and are surprised to learn that we can stop that process with the right plan in place.

Here are things that need to be addressed if you have been affected by the cavity bug…

  • Salivary Flow Rate (how much saliva do you produce?)
  • Home care oral hygiene habits and home care products (Carifree rinses and toothpastes)
  • Medications taken (many cause decreased salivary flow)
  • Acid Reflux (can lower pH in mouth)
  • Low pH beverage consumption (soda, energy drinks, diet sodas too!)  Remember… we want pH above 5.5!!

Beverage      pH
diet coke       3.22
diet pepsi      2.94
sprite            3.27
red bull         3.37
black coffee  6.25
tap water      6.70

It is a huge relief for those who thought tooth decay and dental visits went together to know that a cavity free existence is possible!!!  If you have been plagued by the cavity bug in the past and are seeking solutions to help keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime, speak to your dentist about how to create a cavity free plan for you!!  

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Leslie Strommer, DDS

New Image Dental

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