Your smile is your BEST accessory… you wear it EVERYDAY!!

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As healthcare providers… our training and focus is on how to keep our teeth and gums healthy!!  We are trained to remove decay, restore worn and broken teeth, clean those gums and help our patients keep their teeth for a lifetime.  We understand this because chewing is very important and most of us enjoy using our teeth everyday to eat!!

So now let’s talk about the health of our SMILE.  How do you know if you have a healthy smile??

  • Do you smile daily without concern?
  • Do  you love seeing it in the mirror?
  • Do you you share it generously with the world?

A smile is a gift that we can give to others that doesn’t cost a thing.  We all know a person who can light up a room with their smile.

Regardless if your teeth are straight, crooked, white or yellow… it really doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you are confident enough to wear your smile with reckless abandon?

Over the last 22 years of practicing dentistry, I hear many stories of my patients who struggle with feeling self-conscious about their teeth and don’t like to smile.  I have a lot of compassion for this dis-ease of an unhealthy smile.

The good news is there are many ways that a patient can get the smile they have wanted.  For some patients, simple whitening, minor reshaping and bonding or repositioning can do the trick.  For others who are interested in making a bigger impact, major tooth movement, veneers and porcelain crowns may be the way to go.  I find that the simplest, most conservative treatment is the best bet for most people and my patients are amazed at how a few simple changes can make all the difference.

I tell my patients… if you love your smile then there is nothing for us to do!

If on the other hand… you wanted to improve what you were born with, ask us how we can help!!

Be generous today and give your smile away!!!

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Dr. Leslie Strommer



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