Less Stuff… More Happiness…..Really?

When I blogged six months ago “Who knows what the next chapter will bring…” I  had no idea that I was about to embark on an exciting adventure in downsizing.  4000 square feet on 1.2 acres to 1750 square feet with NO yard to be exact.

Fast forward to March 2015… a brief synopsis:

  • Youngest child off to college (That makes 2 kids in college now.)
  • Fixed up and sold our Poway home within 2 weeks of listing it.
  • Went on an emotional roller coaster ride of excitement, anxiety, uncertainty along with many sleepless nights.
  • Purchased a very cool urban multi-level townhouse in Mission Valley less than a mile from the office! (3 minute commute!)
  • Purged, donated and discarded half of our belongings. (And still kept too much)
  • Made all of this happen in just 3.5 months!
We decided last August to take the empty-nester, downsize plunge and went from suburban to urban in one fell swoop!!  The reactions from family and friends were mixed… some thought we were being hasty, others thought we were making a brilliant move.
There were times I questioned our decision and my husband  had me watch a TED talk titled
“Less Stuff, More Happiness” by Graham HIll.  The message was clear… drastically “editing” my life could lead to a more fulfilling existence.  Once we were at the point of no return, I prayed that Graham Hill was right.
Today I can say with confidence that my life feels “richer” in so many ways.  I discovered great joy in giving away things that most people hang on to for a lifetime.  Leaving the big house in the country for a small one in the city and getting rid of half of our “stuff” was a bold move with a large payoff.  I now have more time and more freedom with less distractions.  Reducing our commute from 30 minutes down to 3 minutes has been amazing!
There is now space in my life… both mentally, physically and financially to let new things unfold.  I have more time to focus on my health, my marriage, my career, my relationships, being of service and living my soul purpose.  What I am inspired to do is constantly evolving… I love that part.
Whether or not you are in a position to downsize, I ask you to consider the benefits of simplifying, donating, and purging your life of some excess “stuff”.  Giving things away is liberating and it feels good.  Create some space in your life and see what shows up!

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