Don’t be a hater!! Find out how to make your dental visits more tolerable.


I am still surprised to see statistics that indicate that 40% of the population does NOT visit the dental office and out of those people, 15% is due to dental phobia, fear and anxiety.  As a dentist, we have all heard .…”I hate going to the dentist… no offense”, and my response is ….”none taken and thanks for sharing.”

I understand that the “fear” stigma surrounding dentistry has been around for some time and it is consistent with the way dentists have been portrayed on the big screen. (Marathon Man, Little Shop of Horrors and The Dentist to name a few).  I find myself wondering… what is it going to take to shift the perception of dentistry as a whole?  Will we ever be embraced as a group of healthcare professionals who are committed to total health and wellness for our patients??  Only time will tell.

My solution to this question will be handled one patient at a time.    Over the last 22 years, we have helped hundreds of patients who truly appreciate and are grateful for what we do and continue to come back for more!  Amazing!  Our office has successfully transformed former “haters” into “willing participants” who are committed to their oral health.

If you are part of the 40% non-dental users and want to come over to the other side….here are some suggestions for making your dental visit tolerable and possibly even pleasant!  (Let’s not get crazy)

  1. When you call to schedule your appointment, let us know about you!  Make sure to let us know your primary concern and what is important to you when visiting our office.
  2. Let us know if you have dental anxiety or phobia.  We will plan to meet you first and take it slow if necessary.
  3. Remember that you control what you do or don’t do at our office.  We are here to educate and offer solutions.
  4. Keep in mind, our primary purpose is to help our patients achieve healthy mouths!!  We stand for oral health and only recommend what is necessary to get you there.
  5. We offer sedation dentistry for our patients who want to relax through their dental treatment appointments.  It is as simple as taking a pill.

A healthy mouth has numerous benefits… the ability to eat without discomfort, fresh smelling breath, lower risk for heart disease, infection and inflammation in your body, smiling with confidence… and the list goes on.

Don’t be a hater… join the other 60% of the population who find us tolerable and give us the opportunity to give you a healthy mouth!

Leslie Strommer,DDS

New Image Dental