Let’s talk straight about straight teeth … and it’s not just about looking pretty…

The question is… why should you care if you don’t have straight teeth?

You may be one of the many who were not blessed with well aligned teeth, along with 70-80% of the population.  Or, maybe you had braces when you were younger and now think… “I should have worn that retainer”, because things don’t look like they did when you got them off.

We see “malocclusion” or improper alignment of dental arches, everyday in our office and I want you to know it is your choice whether or not to treat it.  At New Image Dental, we have many patients who choose orthodontics  to properly align their teeth because they want to keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime.

What I am going to share with you is why properly aligned straight teeth have many benefits above and beyond looking fabulous for those photo shoots and “selfies”.

  • Straight teeth are much easier to clean, maintain and keep healthy. This means, lower risk for tooth decay and food traps.  Also, with less tartar and stain, they will likely stay whiter!  Flossing is so much easier!
  • Properly aligned teeth function better, which means you can properly chew your food which aides in digestion.  Maybe not a problem now when you are young… but don’t forget these are the same teeth we will have in our 80’s and 90’s!!  Proper digestion is key to our health when we are in our senior years.
  • Well aligned teeth will lower our risk for bite problems associated with TMJ symptoms like headaches, tired jaws, uncomfortable bite.  We have had success in minimizing chronic headaches related to bad bites.
  • Minimizes tooth chipping and wear.  Have you noticed your lower teeth chipping on the edges?  This could be due to your bite!  Don’t let this go on for long… a bad bite can destroy teeth at an accelerated rate.
  • Tooth crowding typically gets worse with time…  notice that older people often have crooked lower anterior teeth?  This is because as the teeth wear down, the bite changes which causes  issues that cause the teeth to shift and crowd.

So…when you are considering orthodontics,  feel confident that you are putting your teeth in the best position possible to be healthy for a lifetime! And don’t forget that the side benefit of straight teeth is usually a gorgeous smile!!