Why in the world would a dentist blog??

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To blog or not to blog…. that has been the question.

After over a year of considering whether or not to create a blog for New Image Dental, the time has finally come for me to jump into the deep end.

I’ve been told there are so many great reasons to create a blog…. for marketing and improve website searches, attract new patients, etc.  To be honest… those reasons were not enough to inspire me to start.  I am a big fan of Seth Godin, author, marketer and entrepreneur.  I have been reading his book “The Dip”,  and realized that I should not start a blog unless I was sure I could get through the dip of the excitement wearing off and struggling to write blog posts consistently.

I decided to create a reason to blog that moved, touched and inspired me to write… this is is what I came up with…

Intention for my blog

to inspire
to connect
to make a difference
to let our patients get to know us
to educate (about teeth and gums of course)
to let people know what we do
to be original and authentic and unique
to be different and unlike other dental blogs….
to be of service

to change the way you see your dentist forever.

So this is what you can count on me for…. enjoy!!

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