Should I trust my dentist?

So here is a topic that I know is a concern around dentistry and it can get in the way of people going forward with recommended dental care…. a lack of trust.
How do you know if you can trust your dentist?  So often in meeting new patients, there are many stories of people questioning previous care, how it was done and whether or not is was necessary.  I ask myself, how is it that this perception is so pervasive?
 First, let’s talk straight about a few things…
  • Dentistry is a service business.
  • We perform dental services for a profit.
  • Our goal is to be profitable AND serve our patients dental needs at the same time.
Now if I sound like I am defending our profession…. maybe so.  I believe that dentists  often get a bad rap and are accused of recommending unnecessary treatment.  The REAL deal is that  there is a lack of trust between the dentist and the patient before the treatment began.   When a patient trusts their dentists’ recommendations,  they are empowered to make  educated decisions before proceeding with treatment.  When a patient has been educated about what to expect with their dental care, things usually go very smoothly.
So. the question remains…what makes you trust someone?
From personal experience,  it is a feeling, a knowing in the pit of my stomach that tells me something is right for me.
If  you aren’t as in touch with your inner knowing… ask yourself these questions…
  • How does the dentist and the team/staff interact with you?
  • Do they spend sufficient time with you to get to know you and find out why you are there?
  • Do they take photos of your teeth and educate you about the condition of your mouth?
  • Do they make sure you understand the condition before they offer a solution?
  • Is there testimony from other people who are satisfied with their care?
  • How does the office make you feel?  Comfortable? Safe? Secure?
I love this definition of TRUST” in the dictionary – “One in which confidence is placed”.
Have confidence in the ONE  that you choose to care for your teeth… just know that when we have our patients’ trust, we feel valued.


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